WP 2: SOPs for recruitment and characterisation of elderly subjects

A key aim of the NU-AGE project is to perform a dietary intervention study in a total of 1250 elderly volunteers (625 intervention and 625 controls) recruited in five qualified EU centres. To this end, strictly standardized protocols should be set up and personal trained for the procedures that are utilized to perform the dietary intervention study.

The specific objectives of WP2 are the following:
  • set up standardized operating procedures (SOPs), tools and protocols for the recruitment and the characterisation of participants before and after dietary intervention
  • set up SOPs for collection, transport and storage of the biological samples
  • standardize the requests to obtain the approval from the Ethical Committees
  • set up and organize specific training of the involved personnel

Five European centres located in Northern (UK and The Netherlands), Eastern (Poland), Western (France) and Southern Europe (Italy) will recruit 1250 elderly volunteers, 250 subjects for each centre, taking into account 20% dropout. Each centre will conduct the dietary intervention study in such volunteers (125 intervention,125 controls).