EUFIC published a press release from the final NU-AGE Conference on how a Mediterranean style diet might slow down ageing and reduce bone loss. (May 2016).

A Food Today article was published on the website of the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), summarising the activities and results achieved within NU-AGE (April 2016). Food Today is EUFIC's bi-monthly magazine.

EUFIC has published a new Science Brief which provides a summary of the research papers published in the journal Mechanisms of Ageing and Development (MAD). (7 May 2014). 

The research carried out by the NU-AGE project to investigate how inflammation in the elderly can be reduced by changes in lifestyle and diet is highlighted in a special edition of the journal Mechanisms of Ageing and Development (MAD). There is a link to the special edition here (5 May 2014)

The French Ministry of Industry has set up a website dedicated to the silver economy which has published an article about the NU-AGE project in French (8 January 2014).

Documentary about ageing and health, first broadcast on Swiss television channel RSI, which mentions the NU-AGE project (29 October 2013).

Read the latest NU-AGE press release published at the International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) 2013, Granada: 'Improving nutrition for the ageing European population: presentations of new dietary studies at International Congress of Nutrition' (19 September 2013).

Horizon, the EU Research and Innovation Magazine, brings attention to the NU-AGE project in a news article titled 'Gut bacteria linked to longevity' (19 July 2013).

The Online News Service FoodNavigator highlights the NU-AGE project in a news article: 'Health may not be dependent on wealth in old age, suggests study' (27 May 2013).

Yves Bayon de Noyer, Vice-President of the National association of Food industries (ANIA), introduces the NU-AGE project on the Television in France (15 April 2013). 

Read the Nature publication on NU-AGE, written by Virginia Hughes and published in the leading weekly, international scientific journal (December 2012).

In a podcast interview, Prof Claudio Franceschi, NU-AGE Coordinator, and Dr Aurelia Santoro, project research manager from the University of Bologna, outline the key aims and objectives of NU-AGE (March 2012).

How will the NU-AGE project help improve health and quality of life in the ageing population of Europe? The first NU-AGE leaflet discusses the research which will be conducted during the project in carrying out a dietary intervention study and developing new products to target chronic, low-grade inflammation which is associated with ageing (February 2012).

A Food Today article was published on the website of the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), introducing the research activities within NU-AGE (June 2011). Food Today is EUFIC's bi-monthly magazine.

Read the first NU-AGE press release: 'New dietary strategies for healthy ageing in Europe' (5 May 2011). The Institute of Food Research (IFR) also picked up this news.

The NU-AGE project was mentioned by the following partners:
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna

Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires (ANIA)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia - Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises of Slovenia (CCIS-CAFE) 

European Food Information Council (EUFIC)

Fachverband Lebensmittelindustrie (FIAA) 

Federación Españóla de la Alimentación y Bebidas (FIAB)

Federação das Indústrias Portuguesas Agro–Alimentares (FIPA)

Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (SEVT)

Federation of Hungarian Food Industries (FHFI)

Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic (FFDI)


French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) 

Örebro University

Union of Dairy, Meat, Food Industrialists and Manufacturers of Turkey (SETBIR)

University College Cork (UCC) 

University of East Anglia

Wageningen University