To study the effects of the NU-AGE food pyramid on health and ageing factors, seniors across Europe will receive advice, fortified foods and other support to adjust their diets to match the pyramid. Food intake data, blood, urine and other samples will be collected and the results will be compared to those of elderly citizens not taking part in the dietary intervention. Alongside the dietary intervention, socio-economic determinants for food choice in the elderly will be investigated.

Through its work, NU-AGE will seek to fill the current lack of knowledge on how the whole diet can impact on and counteract age-related disease and functional decline. This will contribute to improved health and quality of life in the ageing population in Europe. The results from NU-AGE will be valuable to a wide range of stakeholders – from the scientific community and health professionals to industry and policy makers.

WP 1: Coordination and Management

WP 2: SOPs for recruitment and characterisation of elderly subjects

WP 3: Design and execution of dietary intervention

WP 4: Coordination and execution of the non "omics" analyses on biological samples

WP 5: Cellular and molecular effects of whole diet

WP 6: Data management and systems biology

WP 7: Socio-economic determinants of food choices

WP 8: Industry-led business plan to deliver innovative food products for the elderly population

WP 9: Design of advanced traditional food tailor made for those aged over 65

WP 10: Industrial design and production of elderly-tailored food products

WP 11: Legislative, economical & knowledge transfer framework

WP 12: Communication, Training and Dissemination