The Advisory Board (AB) is a high-level external board, composed of both research and industry representatives whose role is to participate in the discussion to help guide the strategic direction of the project. Members of the AB will have access to all project documents and outputs upon signature of an NDA. They will be able to enter the reserved access area of the website and they will be invited to the General Assembly meetings. Depending on availability, they may also be invited to selected Steering Committee meetings.

For cost optimisation, a telephone (or video) conference facility will be arranged during the meetings, so that AB members are not obliged to travel. A list of experts who have already accepted to be part of the AB is provided in the table below.



DTU National Food Institute

Inge Tetens

Harvard School of Public Health

Eric Rimm

National Institutes of Health and Tufts University

Johanna Dwyer


Andras Sebok